Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where did my little baby go??

I'm sitting here creepily staring at Liam while he eats his dinner and watches a little Dora. It still amazes me that he's a toddler and no longer a little baby. It makes me want to cry (in a happy way, of course). He has been such a blessing to our lives and it almost feels as though my life took on a completely different meaning when I looked into his eyes.

I know I'll never get these moments back so I will cherish every second I spend with Liam. He may never be that small again but being able to watch him grow and develop makes it worth it. Man, I love this little guy.

Monday, February 20, 2012

14 Month Update!

Liam is now 14 months old. Wow, I still can't believe how fast he has grown. We haven't been to the Dr. in awhile but Liam is obsessed with weighing himself so I know he weighs 26 lbs. I haven't measured his height in awhile but he has grown a little (his K-State pajamas are no longer too long).

Our big guy has had a few milestones this month. He says "Pepper", "Hi", "Bye", "Stop", in addition to "Yes", "No", "Mama", and "Dada". He babbles all the time and loves to talk (he loves to pretend that objects around the house are phones and say, "Hello"). Lately when we are out at the grocery store, he'll randomly say "hi" to people as we pass them in the aisles. He also has one of his first molars coming in.

He's such a fun little guy to be around especially since he thinks he's hilarious. He loves taking pictures. Here are a few of our little guy over the past month. I absolutely love this face.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Way to Go Will (And Our New Furry Addition)!!

Yesterday was a big day for the C. family. Will was notified a couple weeks ago that he would be going before the promotion board so until yesterday evening, our household was pretty tense. Will was doing a lot of studying as well as getting his Army dress uniform, or Class As, together. Then Will found out that he had to take a Physical Training test the morning of the board. This definitely added to his stress levels. But after all his hard work and preparation, Will passed the board!

To celebrate, I found a gift for him: A Shorkie (Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix) puppy!
"Puppy's" (she doesn't have an official name yet) old mom told me that she did not fit their lifestyle (not really sure what that means) but we were excited to invite her into ours. So far, she's a good puppy (although I had forgotten what life was like with a puppy). Artemus isn't too happy though. I really hope that she grows on him but until then, we'll just try to make sure to keep an eye on them. Well, here's the new addition!

She looks like an Artemus/Mitzi love baby!