Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nice to See You Again Dear Friend

It has been awhile. In my last post I mentioned lots of changes. Well, there have been even more things that have happened since that post almost a month ago.

Will is away for training until Thursday (thank goodness!) and while he has been gone, both Asher and I celebrated our birthdays. Well, we didn't really celebrate them at all. We're waiting until Will gets home to have a little party. It just didn't seem right to have a party while he was gone since we don't really know socialise too much. Asher doesn't seem to mind (he is only two after all) so it just works out.

I'll try to get up a couple post about trips we took and things we've done before the party. I'm hoping to catch up and post regularly but I say that all the time, so we'll see. Until then, enjoy a few pictures!!