Monday, September 12, 2011

Pizza Face (Acne and Birth Control)

Acne. It's something no one wants to deal with especially as an adult. Well, apparently my face hates me right now. I've never had a problem with acne, not even as a teenager so the last month or so came as a total shock. While working at my base, I had a conversation with one of my coworkers about his wife's battle with acne after getting Mirena (the IUD birth control). Once I started to notice the acne, this conversation came to mind. Although I do not have Mirena, I do have Implanon which is essentially the same concept. Since getting Implanon, I have not had any complications and actually like it (I had a horrible time with Depo and am way too forgetful to remember to take the pill), however, I really like my face as well. I plan to see a dermatologist to confirm whether or not my birth control could be the issue but until then, I guess I will try a different face wash.
Has anyone else had issues with acne while using birth control? Will my face ever be blemish free again?!?!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

We're Back!!

So, so sorry for the absence. We've been home from work for a few couple weeks now and we're trying to get back into the swing of things. Dogs, Liam, housework, homework... Needless to say, I'm pooped. I promise to start updating again on a regular basis. We have lots of exciting things coming up. Will is coming home earlier than we expected so I'll be fixing up the house like mad plus the cooler weather we're having today (love, Love, LOVE it!!) is reminding me of all the holidays we have coming up. Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend and we will see you soon!