Monday, March 31, 2014

A Simple Life.

I felt the need to simplify our life. The need to get rid of things like clutter while adding color and light to our lives. It really is a weird balance that we strive for. We're constantly told that we should want more and more but sometimes that comes with the neglect of experiences and simplicity (am I even making sense right now).

When Will and I first got married (we just celebrated our four year anniversary - holla!), I had this idea in my head of our "perfect" life. Our perfect house and our perfect kids. It took me awhile to realize that perfect, in the sense that I was reaching for, doesn't really exist and it really shouldn't. I can't expect a perfect house and perfect children if I want our lives to be full of experiences and color and patterns. I have to accept the mess that comes along with adding this sense of warmth to our lives.

I will admit that even though this desire for imperfection is strong, it is extremely hard for someone like me. I like structure and predictability. I like clean and sharp. Stepping outside of my comfort zone sends my anxiety levels sky high but I am trying a little more each day to accept the mess that comes with a house of warmth.

I'm currently working on lots of different areas of our house. I plan to share our progress soon and maybe even do a few DIY tutorials (although they probably won't be too interesting or as visually appealing as other blogs). I really do like this transition we're making in our home and in our lives. We're living in lots of color right now and I love it.

Welcome to Will and Jaye...and the Boys

We have a new look and a new name! I owe the new design to Bella Lulu Ink. The blog was definitely in need of a fresh, new look and I think this is perfect. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do and make sure to check back on us often. We'll be here :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's been awhile....

I have been in a blogging funk (which is evident by my lack of blogging). Actually, if I'm honest, I have been in a life funk. Every time I come to my blog, wanting to share so much, I feel like there is nothing worth sharing. I don't do much of anything on a daily basis (although this isn't entirely true, I do tons of everyday, ordinary tasks). I don't have a very interesting life. I'm a stay at home mother of two...nothing glamorous about that. That thought, the one that downplays everything I currently am, is always in the back of my mind when I come here to talk about my life.

But that's going to change. I will be back to share my boring, everyday life even if the only readers are my sister and Oma (hi ladies!). I have lots of pictures to share as well as a new blog layout. Oh, yeah, and a new name. Ya know, since our world no longer revolves around Liam.
I should have everything together by next week so expect lots of boring to come your way :)