Saturday, September 26, 2015


Doing: Trying to savor my last moments as a mama of two. I'm making an effort to be mindful and grateful for this experience. I'm constantly reminding myself that being a mama is something that to cherish and enjoy, not something to survive. Yesterday, Will treated me to a spa day. It felt so good to indulge in a bit of selfishness self-care. When I was done, he had the above flowers waiting for me in the car. This has become a bit of a weekly treat and I am loving it.

Watching: I hate to admit it but right now my guilty pleasure is Love and Hip Hop on VH1. It's so bad and yet so good. I'm currently watching the Hollywood season.

Planning: I have been planning our move to O'ahu over and over in my head. We're still months away from moving but there is so much to think about when you're overseas. Our biggest concern is our dogs (Hawaii is very strict when it comes to importing animals). 

Thinking about: Baby names! Picking a name is so hard. We've thrown around a few names but nothing has stuck so far. Liam has added "Chick Hicks" (the not-so-nice race car from the movie "Cars") and "Bunball" to the list. 

Looking forward to: Buying all the baby things!! We kept a few things from Asher but I did sell a lot of stuff. We'll definitely be on the hunt for a new car seat (and possibly new ones for the boys since we'll be fitting three in our back seat), a baby carrier, and maybe a bassinet. 

Loving: 🍁🍂🍃 Autumn has hit Germany and I'm soaking it all in. This will be our last time experiencing all four seasons so I'm enjoying this cool weather while I can.

This new series was inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet who was inspired by her friend Megan

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pregnancy Notes // 21 Weeks

Already past the halfway mark and it still feels like I saw those two lines yesterday. I'm starting to slow down and enjoy all the joys of being pregnant. I am feeling better than in the beginning even though I am still battling a bit of nausea and heartburn.
When I first became pregnant, things were so rough that I added meat back into my diet. I felt horrible doing so but it was the best decision for me at the time. I plan to return to a mostly vegetarian diet after this little baby is born. I think I'll add fresh fish into our diet once we hit O'ahu next year. 
As of right now, I'm just enjoying life, enjoying my boys and trying to stay active when I feel good. These past 21 weeks really haven't been that bad.