Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eight Months Old?!?! Where has the time gone?

This is a little late but Liam is eight months old! He's growing into such a big boy and is learning and exploring all the time. He's an expert crawler and has started pulling up on furniture. He has four teeth (!!) and is loving all the new foods I let him try (he actually starts smacking his lips whenever he sees me with food). He has been a little needy lately but I think that's due to our few weeks of work and daycare. Overall, Liam is doing great! He's a bundle of joy and so much fun!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hotel Living

Liam and I are back in home after a week (well until Thursday) in our hotel. It's wasn't too bad now that we've gotten the hang of things. We had a little mix up Monday morning so he ended up coming to work with me for a few hours. It was definitely different and messed up my pumping schedule. I let Liam nurse on one side and didn't pump the other, big mistake. Let's just say, I'm definitely paying for it later. Lesson learned: Change in pumping/nursing schedule = Engorgement and possible clogged milk duct.

Since our work/daycare/hotel adventures have begun, I have realized Liam is becoming such an independent baby. He has started to entertain himself and loves to play with his toys. But by far, his favorite thing to do is stand. It's amazing how just eight months ago, he was a little guy and now he's such a big boy.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

And so it begins...

Liam wasn't satisfied with being an expert crawler, he just had to take things up a notch. A few days ago, he was playing with toys on the floor while I sat on our sectional. Well, one second he's sitting down and the next he's standing up and staring at me. I immediately called my mom and updated my status on Facebook and then reality set in. Liam will be walking before I know it...Liam will be walking before I know it!! He is growing up way too fast. How do I make it stop!?!
Yay! Maybe...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to Work...

Liam and I are finally home after my eleventh straight day of working at my base. Today is day one of our three day weekend (yay!). We still have six more workdays to go (four days next week and two days the following week). So far things have been pretty good. Tamara, a family friend, has been watching Liam through the week for me except for this past weekend. My base contracts childcare for drill weekends so Liam spent the weekend with Kay. During the first few days with Tamara, he was not happy at all. He cried a lot and even fussed once we were together at the hotel. I decided that it was a mix of separation anxiety and teething (his top two teeth are coming in). When I picked him up from Tamara Friday after work, she told me that he did a lot better but I was still worried about how he would do with Kay. Well, I was glad to find out that he was amazing! Kay loved him and said that she wished she could watch him full-time. She even took pictures of him (as well as the other Air Force kids) and sent us a slideshow during work. This week, Liam did amazing at Tamara's as well.
While working, we stayed in a hotel since my base is over an hour away from home. It was definitely interesting living in a hotel with an infant. At first I was not looking forward to it but Liam and I bonded even more (if that's possible). These past eleven days have made me love my little man even more. He's an amazing little guy and feels my heart with joy.
Even though our daycare, work and hotel journey isn't over, we made it past the hard part and I realized that it wasn't really that hard after all. Now, we just need Daddy to come home so we can use our future weekend hotel stays as mini staycations.