Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog Changes

So, I have some changes coming to the blog soon. We'll be using a new name (although our web address will stay the same) since our life no longer revolves around (only) Liam. I also want to be a bit more candid on the blog. I really want this to be a place where I can express myself openly and honestly, even if that means revealing flaws and weaknesses within myself.

I'm excited to see a difference in the blog and I hope the few readers I have enjoy them as well! Thanks for following along with our journey as a young family!

What the Focus Photography

Liam Says {July}

"I wanna go to commissary (the military grocery store) and get apples!"

Liam pooped in his pull up but I changed Asher's diaper first.
"Oh, Asher's getting a new diaper. Well, Momma needs to change mine."

Liam while we were dropping Will off before his deployment.
"I wanna go in airport with Daddy."

While taking Liam out of his carseat, a fly flew into our car and Liam freaked out.
"There's a bee in there! Get that baby (Asher) out of there!"

I was putting makeup on for the first time in forever while Liam was downstairs watching tv. All of a sudden I heard a loud scream and, of course, dropped everything. Liam was coming up the stairs and I asked him what was wrong.
"There's a bug in the bathroom!"