Sunday, August 12, 2012

TMI Series: TTC Month Three

Welcome to TTC Month Three! Things have been chugging along well and I'm happy to say that I have been a bit more relaxed this month. We had a little bit of a surprise last month when I got a positive pregnancy test. I actually tested on day three of my menstrual cycle (which was a couple days late). I hadn't planned on testing, however, my menstrual cycle was a little weird that month. I am a firm believer in listening and knowing your body. Once I tested and got the positive, I wasn't sure if it was right. I decided to test again later on in the week and got a negative. Deep down, I knew
I wasn't pregnant. I contacted my nurse advice line and the nurse ordered a blood test, just in case.
We are hopeful that this will be our month. I am currently on cycle day 15. Since I am trying to relax this month, I will not be buying a large supply of pregnancy testing strips. Instead, I will purchase a few tests and as of right now, plan to test on cycle day 24 or 25.

We have lot of exciting plans this coming up this month so I don't think it will be hard to resist the urge to pee on a stick. I will definitely be back later on this month with an update on our TTC situation. Until then, have fun guys!

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