Monday, June 17, 2013

Life and Liam.

I can't even remember the last time I did an update on Liam. Let's just say he's changed massively since then.

Liam is now two and a half years old. He's crazy (but in a good way)! He loves to laugh, run and just be a boy. I remember people saying that they have a "boy-boy" and I now I know exactly what they mean. Liam loves cars and dinosaurs and more cars (seriously, the kid has at least 150 hot wheels). You know you're the mother of a boy-boy when you find cars everywhere (I found five in my bed this morning).

He has started to pretend play on his own a lot more as well. He plays with his cars and sometimes I see him making little scenarios while pushing them around on the floor. It's so neat to watch because I can see him developing and learning (which is even more exciting for me). He likes to make up little stories too, most of them involve horses or dinosaurs eating random things. The kid talks so much and says so many random things that I've decided to start a series on this blog called "Liam Says". This will just be a fun way for me to document different things that Liam says during the month.

Another neat thing about Liam is his love for Asher. The first time I ever heard Liam sing was when Asher was crying and Liam started singing to him. It shocked me (1. because I'd never heard him sing before and 2. because he was singing a song that I would sing to him). I think that he'll be a great older brother once he realizes that he needs to be gentle with Asher. I really hope that the two of them grow up to be best friends.

Liam will always be my "lovebug" even though he's decided that Dad is just a little bit cooler than I am. That's okay though. I know that I will always have a special place in his heart, just like he'll always have a special place in mine. Here are a few more pictures of my lovebug.

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