Saturday, September 14, 2013

Liam Says {August}

Pretending to talk to on the phone.
Liam to Asher: "It's my PawPaw, baby. Not your PawPaw."
Me to Liam: "It's Asher's PawPaw too."
Liam: "Well, it's my MarMar."

Liam: "Baby has a booboo on his forehead. I wanna take him to doctor!"

Liam: "What's that on my card, Mama?"
I take the card to look at it.
Liam: "Tada, it's a dinosaur."

Liam: "My dad go bye bye on airplane by himself. He take the Kindle with him. Mama drive the car."
The entire time we've been in Germany, I hadn't driven the car. I think it's pretty funny that he realizes that change.

Me to Liam: "I love you."
Liam: "I love Asher."

Liam while pooping on the potty: "This make Momma happy?"
Me, awkwardly: "Yeah, that makes Momma happy."
Liam: "This makes me happy. This makes Momma happy. This makes Baby happy.....I like poop."
Me: " like pooping or you like poop?"
Liam: "I like poop."
Me, trying not to laugh: "That's disgusting."
Liam: "Digusting! What you laughing at Momma? What's funny?"

Liam, while pooping on the potty: "You hear my poop Momma?"

Liam: "I wanna go to the store."
Me: "Okay, we'll probably go to the store tomorrow."
Liam: "And the park and the library and the doctor."

Liam sits down with a bowl full of hot wheels: "I'm taking a seat with a bowl of popcorn."
This may not seem all that funny but we never eat popcorn, like ever. Liam has a new game on the iPad and the main character mentions popcorn. He's been obsessed ever since.

Commercial on television: " cards are valued at 50 and 100 dollars..."
Liam: "100 dollars? Nooooooooooo!

Liam, at least every other day: "Austin's momma have two babies."
Liam's self-proclaimed BFF's mom is pregnant with twins.


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