Thursday, October 9, 2014

Back to the Basics Life Diet

Earlier this month I wrote a post about making conscious decisions. Well, Will and I have decided to actually embark on a bit of a journey together. We're calling it our "Life Diet" and I figured what better way to make it real than to put it on our blog. Our goal with this "diet" is to simplify our lives a bit while enriching it.

We plan to make the following changes starting tomorrow (Friday, Oct 10th since we'll have the long weekend to detox and start a bit of a routine):
     •No caffeine or alcohol
     •Mostly vegetarian diet (meat on weekends)
     •Whole foods/Little to no processed food
     •Cut down on sugar
     •Exercise 3-4 times weekly
     •More Will and Jaye time
     •Cut down on electronics
     •Follow schedule
     •Be nice, be kind and have fun

I'm actually excited to give this a shot. This is the first time that Will has been 100% on board with the changes I've wanted to make in our lives. To give him credit, this diet was actually his idea. I think the hardest part for me will be the caffeine, sugar and electronics but I plan to give this my all.
So, if I am writing about hating the world in a few days, don't worry. It's probably just caffeine withdrawal.

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