Thursday, February 5, 2015

Just Two

I offended Liam today. He asked for a snack and I told him to make sure he shares with this brother. He looked right at me and said, "Everything I ask for is for me and Asher". And he's right. If Liam asks for a toy at the store, you better believe he will ask for one for Asher. If he asks for a snack and Asher wants a piece of his (even though he has his own), you better believe Liam will share. Liam is the perfect big brother. Of course there are times when sharing doesn't come as easily and fighting does but that's completely normal.

When I look at the bond between Liam and Asher, I am amazed. Even though I would love to have baby number three, I wonder if adding another kid in the mix will disrupt what they have going on or maybe another sibling will just add to the love. I don't know but every time I see the boys hugging first thing in the morning and every night before bed, I hope that their bond lasts forever.

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