Thursday, March 19, 2015

Our Step Towards Minimalism


I talked previously about my desire for less. It really can be a struggle. We're conditioned taught that in order to be happy, we must have more. More money, more things, more everything. Well, I'm tired of more...especially more clutter, more junk. I want to live simply, organically.

Even though the thought of change gives me anxiety, I'm ready for it...actually I'm aching for this change in our lives. I mean, it seems like the natural next step for me but Will was always on the fence. He has made a lot of changes because of me (the guy had never eaten broccoli before we got is that even possible?!) but sometimes familiar habits are hard to break. Well, about a week ago, he stumbled on the Zen Habits website and something clicked with him (even though I've talked about the same concept repeatedly but that's marriage for you).

So as of right now, we're taking the steps towards a more minimalistic life for our boys and ourselves. I'm excited for this change (there have actually been a few changes in our lives but I'll talk more about those in a different post). I'm even more excited to share this change with you guys.

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