Monday, August 3, 2015

We've been keeping a secret

So, I've been MIA for awhile and most of it had to do with life (I'm completely off schedule/routine and for a type-A personality like myself, that spells disaster) but a little of it had to do with our tiny secret: We're pregnant!

I found out really early. I was feeling a bit off (I had heartburn which I've only had while pregnant) so I decided to test, just to be sure.

I took the test and wait a minute before picking it up to take a peek. The two lines were already visible and I knew we were expecting. I had Will take a look, just to be sure I wasn't crazy. Nope, I was sane and there were two lines!

We decided to wait until my first appointment to announce it. I actually didn't see my doctor until I was 12 weeks along but after seeing that everything is going great, it was a huge relief. 

I'll try to do weekly updates during this pregnancy. It'll be neat for the boys to see. We've been looking at baby pictures of both boys and they're both excited for a new baby to arrive. 

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