Friday, October 23, 2015

Craving the Friendship of Women

Lately I've found myself craving more friendships. Not just any friendship but almost a village of other like-minded women. It's so weird because I've never felt this need for friends before. When we lived in Kansas, I was surrounded by my family (most importantly my mom) that I didn't feel the need to make friends. During college I lived with lots of different women and although I love so many of them to death, I never fully opened up enough to create long lasting friendships relationships.

It's so weird to crave something I never felt the need for before. It's also weird to think about making friends in my thirties. I talked to a few friends about it and one of my friends said that she felt it was harder to make friends as an adult because she's so jaded now. I can relate to that. I don't want to be friends with someone just because our husbands work together or because we live in the same neighborhood. I want to be friends because we genuinely enjoy each other's company. We can share things and learn from each other, even if we don't have a lot of the same interests.

For some reason, I think I'll find that in Hawaii. I guess if I keep putting out positive vibes, eventually I'll find a woman village of my own.

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