Thursday, November 12, 2015


Doing: Trying to get a schedule down which is hard for our family. We seem to live in a constant state of chaos. I'm hoping we find a balance soon since my energy and patience levels have started to drop. 

Watching: We have been watching a ton of kids movies on the German Netflix. Our favorites, okay, my favorites are Megamind and Brave. 

Reading: I recently started checking out library books on my Kindle. It's super convenient since I don't have to leave the house or remember to return books. There's a waiting list for the books I want to read so until one frees up (or I think of a different book to read), I'm just patiently waiting. 

Thinking about: All the preparing I still have to do before the baby gets here. I randomly started freaking out about packing the hospital bag and had to snap myself out of it. We still have a lot to get but most of the necessities are taken care of. 

Looking forward to: Christmas! This will be our last Christmas in Germany and most likely our last snowy winter for a couple years. Snows on the forecast this weekend ❄️🌨☃

Loving: Having this sweet little baby in my belly. It really is a miracle and when I see my belly twitching, I can't help but smile. 

This new series was inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet who was inspired by her friend Megan

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