Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stop Growing So Fast!!

Every time I turn around, it seems as if Liam is doing something new.

Over the last week or so, he's decided that he doesn't want to lay down. He seems to think that he's been doing P90X and all of a sudden has the ab strength to sit up. Yeah, not so much.

He's also has become a lot more vocal. He loves "talking" and gets so excited when someone engages in a conversation with him. And speaking of Liam's mouth, he's discovered that he has hands, well, mostly a right hand. He constantly has his hand in his mouth and even tries to suck his thumb (although the look on his face is of pure confusion, almost as if he doesn't quite understand what he's doing).

Since his two month appointment, he's gained one pound and upgraded from newborn to three month clothing (or some 0-3 month). He has a collection of really nice newborn clothes that I love but I have to let them go now (tear). Luckily, I have a small collection of clothing in all sizes so he's okay until I make it to the store to pick up more. I love shopping and think that little boy's clothing is super adorable. Hopefully I'll be able to find some good sales and pick up my little man some great pieces (oh, and at least one new blanky, can never have too many of those).

Well, Mr. Liam is fussy so he's going to be rocked to sleep. Goodbye for now!

<3 Jaye and a sleepy Liam

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