Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hotel Living

Liam and I are back in home after a week (well until Thursday) in our hotel. It's wasn't too bad now that we've gotten the hang of things. We had a little mix up Monday morning so he ended up coming to work with me for a few hours. It was definitely different and messed up my pumping schedule. I let Liam nurse on one side and didn't pump the other, big mistake. Let's just say, I'm definitely paying for it later. Lesson learned: Change in pumping/nursing schedule = Engorgement and possible clogged milk duct.

Since our work/daycare/hotel adventures have begun, I have realized Liam is becoming such an independent baby. He has started to entertain himself and loves to play with his toys. But by far, his favorite thing to do is stand. It's amazing how just eight months ago, he was a little guy and now he's such a big boy.

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