Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am...17 Months Old

New Things:
Hanging out in his playpen (and trying to climb out)
Sleeping (mostly) through the night
Loves trains (and makes the cutest noise for them)
Temper tantrums (enough said)

Not So New Things:
Removing his diaper any chance he gets
Breastfeeding (more than usual)

Liam has been so active over the past month. He is still climbing everything and we now have to keep the bathroom door closed at all times because he climbed onto the sink. He loves to be outside and gets really excited when we go for walks (which we need to do more often). He's trying to talk more and I wouldn't be surprised if he just starts putting words together and forming sentences (he already uses "read" and "book" together).

He's a really fun guy although he has been showing signs of aggression and anger lately. He gets really upset when he's told he can't do something and has started to hit things (and sometimes people) to show his frustration. This is something we really want to work on. Actually, our whole parenting method is something we need to work on. I tend to be the disciplinarian while Will is the "fun" parent. Even if Liam is doing something that Will knows he shouldn't, 80% of the time, Will will not correct the action. We will definitely need to get on the same page if we want to tackle Liam's temper tantrums and bouts of aggression.

Overall, we are loving this stage of Liam's growth especially when he gives hugs and kisses. He really is a sweet guy.


  1. You said Liam is almost sleeping through the night.
    What is your definition of sleeping through the night?
    Has he ever slept through the night?
    Bitsy still wakes quite a few times, but I don't worry much about it because I know that breast milk is processed more quickly in the body and she wakes because she's hungry.
    Just curious how other mommies fair :)

    1. "Sleeping through the night" is definitely different for bfing moms. Liam has just started sleeping without waking to nurse. It has only happened a few times (I can probably count them on one hand) and he was over a year old. We co-sleep so that may also have some affect as well.