Saturday, May 12, 2012

What's Going On

I just wanted to do a quick update on what's going on in the C. household. Will received news that he will be going to school early next year and once he finishes, we will be moving to a new area. We won't know for sure where we will be going until next year but wherever we end up, we'll be there for two years.
I'm excited and nervous but also thankful that we have plenty of time for this information to set in and even more time to plan our move. Another thing that we are planning is baby number two! I had originally planned to have my Implanon removed this month but after doing a little math, we realized that Will may not be able to be home for the birth (again). Although it could take months (or even years) for us to get pregnant again, we've decided not to take any chances and will be waiting until August instead. Even though I have to wait a few more months, I'm still excited at the thought of having another baby. Until then, I'll just hold as many babies as possible (which is easy with my new job).
Other than that, things are good here. We've been enjoying some good weather (although it is pretty chilly today), spending lots of time with Liam and preparing for the summer. Have a great weekend everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah for change, yeah for planning, and yeah for your job!
    I'm so happy about how all your little ducks are in a row right now!
    Can't wait to see how everything progresses!