Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Liam Says {December}

Liam wanted a piece of candy so I knelt in front of him so that he could ask for it.
Liam: "Can I have a piece of candy Mama, please?"
Me: "Huh?"
Liam reaches out and gently grabs my face.
Liam, while kissing me: "I love you Mama. You're not mad Mama, you're happy. Can I have a piece of candy now Mama?"

Liam's current phrases:
"I'm on it!"
"That's what I'm talkin' about!"
"Right away!"

He has also taken to calling Will and I "Maude", a cute mixture of Mom and Dad.

Liam while eating stir fry that I cooked: "I ate a green bean."
Me: "That's good. Green beans are good for you."
Liam: "It's healthy. This is delicious!"

Liam: "Stop looking at me like that."

Liam to Will: "You have a big head."
Will: "I have a big head?"
Liam: "Yeah, you have a big face. It's like a square."
Will: "A square?"
Liam: "Yeah, like a rectangle."

Will to Liam: "You need to pick up your toys now."
Liam: "Then I can watch "Team UmiZoomi"?"
Will: "Yeah, if you pick up your toys."
Liam, enthusiastically: "No problem. No problem Dad. Look at me go!"

Liam, while running around the living room: "Whoa, I can't stop. My feet are too fast. Whoa! I can't stop. I'm just too fast!"

Liam to Will: "Boys don't wear panties."
Will: "No. Who wears panties?"
Liam: "Natalie!"
Natalie is a girl in his class. I think someone has a crush. 
Later on that day.
Will to Liam: "Who's your best friend at school?"
Liam: "Umm, umm. Not Natalie."

Liam to me: "Where's your penis?"
Me: "I don't have a penis. Ladies, Mamas and girls don't have penises. Boy, Dads and men have penises."
Liam: "Mama, you don't have a penis?"
Me: "Nope because I'm a girl. Do girls have penises?"
Liam: "No. I'm a boy."
Me: "Do boys have penises?"
Liam: "Yeah but I'm just a kid."

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