Sunday, November 6, 2011

Will's Home (End of Operation New Dawn)!!!

Early (early) yesterday morning, Liam and I went to pick up Will who just finished his second year-long deployment in Iraq. We were super excited and more than ready to see the end of this deployment. We arrived at the ceremony site an hour early and got to chat with other wives. Finally the time came for the soldiers to file into the room and stand in formation. Once the soldiers were dismissed from their formation, Will made his way to the bleachers where we were standing. After greeting each other, I handed Liam over to Will and to my surprise, he didn't cry.

Over the last day, we've been working getting to know each other. Will and Liam have been getting along great (Liam even lets Will put him to sleep when I'm not around). Liam still prefers me which I didn't expect to change (he's a mama's boy) but I love seeing the boys together.

I know that it will take awhile before things are "normal" in our household again but it definitely feels good to have our little family together again.


  1. Awww! How exciting to have your hubby home and for your guys to start bonding :)
    Be blessed and enjoy this time of adjustment :)


  2. What touching photos. So glad you are all together now.
    Grandma Joyce