Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is late but...13 months Old!

I'm a few days late with this update but Liam is now 13 months old. He's growing so fast and the last month has been pretty exciting for us. There have been a few milestones as well as a few lessons learned.
I shared a few things with you guys already (such as his first haircut) but there have been a few things that haven't made it into the blog yet. Liam has officially started saying "bye" as well as waving. Now Liam is a stubborn little guy. He only does this when he wants to and if you try to get him to do it when he doesn't want to, he'll just look at you like he has no idea what you're doing. I'm sure there will be many more "talking" milestones to come but as of right now, "mama" and "bah" (we're still trying to figure out what "bah" means exactly) seem to be his favorites. He especially loves to say "mama" while making spit bubbles.

Other than that, his other milestone is climbing. He can climb onto the sectional and just figured out that he can climb onto the ottoman as well. This milestone (which can also be called the "give mom a heart attack" milestone) has not been much fun for me. I'm hoping that this daredevil phase doesn't last too long but then again, I do have a boy on my hands.

Okay, here are a few more stats on Liam's growth before we get to his 13 month picture. I weighed him a few days ago and he came in at 24.5 lbs. I didn't take his height but I'm guessing that he's maybe grown an inch since the last time he was measured. He's wearing 12 month clothing and size 5 shoes. He's growing into such a big boy and now on to the picture.

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