Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top of 11 of 2011

(In chronological order)

#1: Will's R&R
Will had arranged to be home for his two week break in January since my due date was January 10th but Liam decided to make his appearance three weeks early. Although the timing didn't end up being perfect, we still had so much fun with the tiny baby.

#2: Our First Family Photo Session
Even though this happened during R&R, it was definitely one of the top moments of 2011 (I also think it set a family tradition of capturing the growth and change of our family). It was our first time meeting Melissa Bradfield (our amazing photographer) and I'm so glad she has become a part of our lives by capturing Liam's first year.

#3: Our First Wedding Anniversay
Although we celebrated this special milestone thousands of miles apart, it did not make the day any less special. We have experienced a lot during our first year of marriage and although it's not always easy, we stick it out and plan on celebrating many more anniversaries.

#4: Baby Milestones
All of Liam's little milestones fit into this top of 2011. From teeth to "talking", Liam has kept our lives exciting. Here's Liam during the teething phase as well as a shot of his first baby teeth.

#5: Liam's First Halloween
Halloween was a little disappointing for me since I expected Will to be home from Iraq. I had all these ideas for costumes but when I realized he would miss Liam's first Halloween, I put everything aside and planned on staying home. Well, that changed a few days before Halloween, lol. Luckily I was able to find an adorable costume for Liam (and throw together something for me) and I'm so glad I did.

#6: The End of Operation New Dawn
The end of a deployment is always exciting. Having Will home after nine months of Skype, phone calls, letters and care packages was a blessing that we definitely do not take for granted.

#7: Liam's on the move!
Walking! Luckily, Liam waited for Daddy to be home to share in this milestone (although he had been standing on his own and taking a few steps). Walking has made our lives super crazy but so exciting at the same time.

 #8: Liam's Cake Smash
To prepare for Liam's first birthday, Melissa Bradfield photographed a cake smash for us. The pictures were absolutely beautiful and we were even able to get a few family pictures as well. Liam had a blast eating the cake and we're glad we were able to capture that moment.

#9: Liam's First Birthday
This was definitely one of the biggest, most exciting events of 2011. Our little guy turned one and reminded us that life goes fast. We had a great party and celebrated his milestone in style.

#10: Our First Christmas as a Family
It was so exciting to spend Christmas together as a family. Although this is technically Liam's second Christmas, it's the first one we've celebrated. It was definitely a blessing and we're excited to spend/enjoy lots more holidays together.

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