Monday, July 9, 2012

I am...18 Months Old (Super Late!)

New Things:
Climbing in and out of his playpen and high chair
Saying actual words (like "Hey!" when he notices something)
Hiding when taking poops (he actually went into the closet and closed the door)
Mimicking behaviors

Not So New Things:
Climbing on everything
Removing his diaper any chance he gets

18 Month Appointment:
Liam weighed 28.8 lbs (84th percentile) and was 34.84 inches tall (99th percentile) at his appointment. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I am slightly obsessed with Liam's height. Even though Will is over 6', I'm scared that Liam will end up with my short genes (I'm 5').
During his appointment, we discussed a concern I had about his speech. He is not behind but he's also not ahead. We talked a little about things we can do at home to help with his speech since he's an only child and doesn't go to any sort of daycare or play dates. Since then, I have made plans to start setting up play dates for him just to help with, not only his speech, but also give him a social life. Other than that, Liam is right on task and we couldn't be happier. Now here are a few pictures of the little guy. Enjoy!!

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