Saturday, July 14, 2012

TMI Series: TTC Month Two

As I've mentioned a few times before, we are trying for baby number two. We are currently in our second month of trying and are still crossing our fingers that things will happen sooner rather than later.

I'm actually new to the process of trying to conceive. When Will and I decided that we were going to try to get pregnant with Liam, I just stopped taking my birth control pills, downloaded the My Days app for my phone, and I was pregnant within a month. This time I'm almost expecting us to have a hard time getting pregnant. I don't know if it's the lack of ignorance due to all of the googling I've been doing or the fact that it was so easy the first time.

There are so many horror stories about pregnancy after Implanon on the internet. The stories range from fertility not returning to successfully getting pregnant only to have it result in a miscarriage (which I'm sure wasn't linked to the Implanon but still scare, nonetheless). I guess I should be happy that things seem to have gone back to normal right after having it removed. My doctor said that it usually takes four days for the hormones to leave your system. When I inputted my information into the My Days app, I rigged it to where I would be ovulating on day four (even though I had no idea when I would ovulate) and based on a 28 day cycle, it showed me when the first day of my period would be. Well, I actually got my period on the day it showed which actually doesn't surprise me too much. My cycle has always been pretty predictable. I have never missed a period except for while pregnant with Liam and when I had my Implanon (my doctor said that it was probably a combination of the Implanon and breastfeeding that kept my period away).

I know that a period doesn't automatically mean that ovulation is taking place as well. I'm really trying not to stress or obsess over this but it's so hard. In an effort to keep the cost of testing down, I ordered a large amount of pregnancy testing strips from The site also sells ovulation testing strips but for some reason I didn't order any (I immediately regretted this decision after I paid but didn't feel like placing another order). If I'm not pregnant in the next three months, then I'll definitely want to make sure I am ovulating but for now, I have noticed signs of ovulation so I'll just go with it.

According to the My Days app, I should have ovulated yesterday so I think I'll start testing ten days from now. So, send some baby dust my way and (crossing my fingers) hopefully I'll have good news to share in a couple weeks.

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