Friday, July 27, 2012

TMI Series: TTC Month Two (Update)

Well, it's looking as though this will not be our month to conceive. Although I have been tracking my cycle since last month, I have been guessing about the number of days in my cycle due to having my Implanon removed. I have tried my best not to obsess over this but it has been so hard. As I mentioned in my previous month two post, I purchased a large number of pregnancy testing strips and believe me, I have been putting those to use. I started testing about 10 days post ovulation. I am still holding on to a little hope since I didn't get a positive test before my first missed period with Liam. According to my MyDays app, my period is due to start today. I have experienced cramping today but besides that, nothing. I plan to test again tomorrow morning but if my period shows up, I will start planning for month three.

I'll update you guys either way but continue to send those baby vibes until then!


  1. Your Liam is so adorable!! I love that name too. Hope your TTC works for you SOON!