Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Clean House is a Happy House, Right?

In an attempt to further happyify (I just made that word up, if you didn't notice) our home, I have decided to work on a cleaning schedule. Now, this isn't an entirely new idea. I have been planning to work on my home management binder (which would include a cleaning schedule) for quite some time but still haven't gotten around to it. As easy as a cleaning schedule sounds, it really takes lots of work. I mean, how often do you clean your oven or shampoo your carpets? Do you do these things on a schedule or when you notice that they are disgusting? Well, right now, I do them completely randomly. I actually can't tell you the last time I cleaned my oven (which means that I'll probably clean it tonight to make myself feel better). There are so many things to think about. For one, I don't think there is enough time in the day for me to clean my entire house while taking care of a 15 month old and three dogs so there are some things that will not get done on a daily basis (maybe mopping the floors, unless Liam gets better at mopping).

 Gggrrr....I need help. Do any of you guys have a cleaning schedule that you stick to?

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