Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sorry for the Lack of Posts!

Liam and I just returned from a six day stretch out of town (Thursday-Tuesday) while I was working at my National Guard base. This was a week of many first for us. It was our first time away from home, our first time in a hotel room, Liam's first time in daycare. Just thinking about this past week makes me tired.

Liam actually went to two different daycare. He was with Casi (with Alexis and Alanna) Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday. On Saturday and Sunday, he was with Jayme (with Gavin and Austin). He did fairly well except for on Friday. He was really fussy and had been crying for the past 45 minutes when I picked him up. Luckily for me, I think he just missed his mommy since he was fine once we got home.

I had quite a bit of milk stockpiled and pumped at work as well so I thought we would be fine for this six day stretch. Well, Liam ran out of milk on Friday and I forgot the milk I had pumped at work so I made the decision to give him formula for the rest his time at daycare (we still breastfed when we were together). It was hard for me but I knew it would only be for a few days. He did well with the formula and actually had more bowel movements during the time he was on the formula. That definitely worried me a little and made me wonder if he was having tummy aches.

All in all, our trip was a success. We have another four day stay in July and 14 days in August so I plan to start pumping during the day to build up my supply again. Liam should be eating solids during that time (which I'll talk about later) so that should help as well. Until then, we'll be enjoying our Mommy/Liam time!


  1. Def. sounds like you've been busy mama!
    Do you mind me asking what kind of pump you got and if you like it?
    I really want a medela, most everyone I know who has gotten any other brand regretted it and ended up buying a Medela later.
    I just started to see little kicks and punches today (Sunday I'll be 6 months), it's crazy how fast time flies!

  2. I loved feeling Liam move around! I actually use two pumps, both Medela. I use the Swing, which is a single pump, when I pump at home. It's small and I really like it. When I'm at work, I use the Freestyle. It's pretty much a double, more high tech version of the Swing.
    I highly recommend the Freestyle. It's small, easy to use and perfect for pumping at work.