Monday, June 27, 2011

Today's a sad day...

This morning, Mitzi, our little bitty Yorkie passed away. I've been crying since around 3am and still haven't fully accepted that she's gone. I'm not going to go into details of her death because we aren't really sure what was wrong with her. Thinking back on her short life, I realize that she's been sick for awhile. Her behavior had grown increasingly bizarre until things became blatantly obvious this morning.
She was in so much pain after talking things over with the doctors and Will, we decided that the best decision for her would be to put her down. I was with her at the end and although I am truly heartbroken, I also realize that she is no longer in pain and knowing Mitzi's personality, she definitely would not want me to be sad right now.

I just wish that we had been able to help her and that all those times I thought that she was just a troublemaker, I had realized that there was something wrong although I know the outcome wouldn't have changed. So, I will continue to mourn the loss of my little girl, my birthday present from my loving husband, and then I will pick myself up and continue to live, just like Mitzi would want.

Mitzi Bell 11/23/09 - 06/27/2011

Daddy Wishes He Could See You One Last Time

Always My Little Baby

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