Friday, July 8, 2011

Let Me Update You!

The past week or so has been pretty laid back for Liam and I. We've been trying to stay cool, getting the house in tip-top shape, attempting to crawl (well, mostly Liam, I mastered crawling years ago), mailing birthday packages (post to come once Will receives his package in the mail) and enjoying the festivities of the 4th of July holiday.

Our town has an annual fair-style event for the 4th of July holiday so Liam and I attended the first day of the event along with his godmother, Krystal, and her daughter. It was unbelievably hot and things too a turn for the worse when Krystal passed out while getting food. She was fine after drinking water and sitting for awhile but needless to say, that was the only day we ended up at the fair.
I can't seem to find my camera so I snapped a few pictures of Liam pre-fair on my iPad.

Baby Wayfarers and he loved them!

"Please Mom, no more pictures!"
We did partake in a few 4th of July festivities including a barbeque on the 4th. We stayed away from the fireworks for two reasons: 1) Liam is far to small to do anything of the sort and 2) I am a little scared of fireworks. It I had my way, Liam would only want to play with sparklers but since that's very unlikely, fireworks will be a Daddy job.

So, all in all, our holiday was pretty mellow. We're relaxing this weekend in preparation for a week of daycare and hotel room living since I have to work at my base. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend as well.

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