Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10 Months Old (and a 9 month old recap)!!

I didn't do a nine month update on Liam since I had planned on waiting until he had a doctor's appointment. Well, we ended up not doing a nine month appointment (which isn't required) so I'll just do a small recap. Liam had a ton of milestones during his ninth month. He stands for longer periods of time, has six(!!) teeth, and has started shaking his head "no". He's such a big boy and loves to stand up. Here are some pictures that were actually taken when he turned nine months old.

Top teeth!

Bottom teeth!!


Okay, and now on to the 10 month update!
Liam is doing great! He's "talking" so much and I love it. He even plays peek-a-boo sometimes by pulling his shirt up over his face and then saying what I think is "peek-a-boo". He's gotten a lot better during diaper changing time. He used to scream at the top of his lungs every time I changed him but now it's maybe once or twice a day (usually when he needs a nap). We still haven't gone to another doctor's appointment but I weighed Liam this morning (he wanted to stand on the scale when I weighed myself). He's 21.4 lbs. He hasn't really been gaining much weight but he's also a lot more active than he's been in the past. Okay, now on to the pictures!

Love this face!
Hope everyone is enjoying their hump day!


  1. It's amazing how quickly they grow!
    I seriously can't fathom that in 9 months Bitsy will be standing like your little one!!!
    He is so adorable ;)


  2. Oh he is too darn cute!!! What a big boy, standing already!!


  3. He's growing so fast that I can't believe my eyes. Right now he's walking around the living room from one piece of furniture to another and hasn't fallen yet. Crazy!