Thursday, October 13, 2011

When Mommies Deploy...

Deployment. This word has been in my life for the past year that Will has been gone. With Will scheduled to be home before Thanksgiving, you would think that the word, "deployment", would leave our family alone for awhile, however, it's starting to rear its ugly head once again. Only this time, it's Mommy who's leaving and Daddy and Liam who'll be staying behind.

I knew that I would be deploying something this next year but it almost seemed like a possibility rather than a reality. Will and I have discussed this a few times but he doesn't want to think about it and neither do I. It's so hard to think about leaving my family (even though I would be gone for only a few months).
Even though I'm sure this is a completely normal response to deploying with a family, I can't help but feel bad for feeling the way I do. Will has been deployed for almost a year. He missed holidays, the birth of his son, our one year anniversary, practically the first year of his son's life and he rarely complains. Here I am, I'd only be gone for a few months and it just seems so hard for me.

Well, enough ranting. Even with an impending deployment looming over our heads, I am going to take it one day at a time and enjoy the fact that my husband will be home soon and our family will be complete once again!

Daddy's Deployment
Daddy's Deployment

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